With the online store maxgodis.se, Net Trading Group NTG AB has made sweets and soft drinks available at Swedish prices available in both Norway and Finland. The western counties of Hordaland and Rogaland top the new couch-based border shopping, while the online store has also gained popularity in its home country Sweden.

Three Swedish shopping centers in Charlottenberg, Töcksfors and Nordbysenter have a combined cross border trade from Norwegian consumers of close to NOK 7.5 billion. Still, consumers living too far away from the border towards Sweden cannot participate in the trade because traveling costs and time consumption are too high.

Tax Free

But maxgodis.se decided to give a helping hand. The Norwegian government’s regulations of making imports below NOK 350,- exempt from customs fees and V.A.T have helped maxgodis.se fulfill their mission.
“On average, our prices are 50% cheaper/lower than what you see in Norway”, says CEO Morten Hansson. «Beverages and sweets are the largest product groups for border trade. Customers all around Norway have a choice of no less than 700 items»
Since the founding in April 2015, Net Trading Group NTG’s turnover has skyrocketed. The annual turnover will be somewhere close to SEK 70 million. Hansson proudly reports of more than 150 000 customers. Also under his lead in June 2017, the company was quoted on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) exchange in Stockholm.

Customer centric

«For us, customer service never go out of style. We serve customers even by telephone. All mails are answered before closing time. One of our regulars does not even use the Internet, but call in orders almost every week», Hansson says.
In September 2017, maxikarkki.fi was launched in Finland through the subsidiary Net Trading Group Åland AB.
«We will target Estonia in the first quarter of 2019», he says.