The polymer expert Lindberg & Lund AS with sub contractor Subsea Insulation AS has developed moulds with such flexibility that subsea insulation application can be customized on-site without costly delays.

Their breakthrough in cost-effective insulation came in 2012 through an Aker invitation to insulate deadlegs on the Equinor (formerly Statoil) Åsgard compressor. 
The need for insulation is based on the fact that high pressure can cause hydrocarbon condensates to freeze at temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius. 
«This could lead to structural damage and production shutdown, which is something you keenly want to avoid on installations deep down on the seabed,» says Lars Martin Haugberg, department manager in Lindberg & Lund.

Two-component polymer

Lindberg & Lund is based with head office in Vestby not far from Oslo. The company applies two-component polymer in moulds that are mounted outside the finished corrosion-protected offshore structures. 
Among the polymer suppliers is Dow Chemicals, that became interested in Lindberg & Lund as an applicator after the company’s successful delivery of a complete flow assurance solution to the Åsgard project’s deadlegs.

Good quality and budget

”We provide solutions for insulation that combine engineers’ demands for quality with the procurement department’s budgets,” says Haugberg. 
«Our experts team up with both engineering and procurement to find an optimal solution and quality». Lindberg & Lund enjoys being cost cutters throughout the entire process. 

The polymer expert Lindberg & Lund provide insulation moulds that can be customized to fit on-site. This way, expensive delays can be avoided in the critical final phase of subsea construction.

As an insulation expert, the company collaborate with engineering and procurement even during the construction phase. When the tender documents arrive, Lindberg & Lund also do quality assurance work and in some cases proposes adjustments. 
The moulds made by Lindberg & Lund’s sub contractors are flexible and can easily and quickly be customized on-site.

Avoid delays 

«Delays are the last thing you want when weather conditions are favourable and offshore vessels with multi-10,000 day rates are at bay, ready for transportation and installation», he says. 
Lindberg & Lund was established as technical distributor of chemicals. Later, the business expanded into complete solutions for polymer insulation for the subsea market. The company has high number of successful subsea reference projects also internationally, included in Ghana and Egypt. 

”We team up with procurement and engineering to meet demands for both quality and suiting budgets.» 
– Lars Martin Haugberg. Lindberg & Lund

In the Nordic region, the company has more than 50 employees. In the business area subsea insulation, the company operates an organisation that ensures high capacity, know how and flexibility. 
«In these changing times for the petroleum sector, we observe frequent job switching among sector professionals. 
We are set up with our own R&D staff and two subcontractors on application. This way, we always have necessary expertise available and a cost effective and flexible delivery model».