Did you know that NORSelast® is one of the world’s strongest elastic material? Suitable for the most demanding components, in the most demanding environment for those who have the strictest requirements for durability.

NORSelast® is a polyether based solid Polyurethane Elastomer which makes it excellent for maritime, subsea and outdoor environments.

NORSelast® has an estimated lifetime of 50 years in marine environment and has excellent resilience to hydrolysis. This makes it robust to degradation and abrasion in the harshest environments with a combination of sea water and strong forces of nature, as well as sun light during transport and storage.

Did you know that NORSelast® has better abrasive properties then some of the strongest metals and that in many cases you can also replace metal components with NORSelast®? The material will not corrode and is approximately 1/8 the weight of steel.

A great advantage of using NORSelast® is that you can tailor the properties of the material and adapt it to the specific application. Hardness, elasticity and other properties directed at specific dynamic forces are some of the properties that can be adjusted and optimized.