To get the data quickly back again: that is the moment of truth within all backups. KeepItSafe takes backup from all types of environments and shows up at your doorsteps with the backup when disaster strikes. Its customer list consist of over 20,000 businesses globally.

About J2 Global

keepitSafe®parent company j2 Global®, inc. (NaSdaQ: JCoM), is a leading provider of cloud services, helping improve business performance and efficiency for over 12 million customers worldwide. our growing family of brands provides essential business tools such as online faxing, unified communications, hosted email services, email marketing, virtual phone systems, and online backup. j2 Global’s network spans 49 countries over 6 continents. For more information about j2 Global®, please visit

KeepItSafe Norway AS was established in 2005, as a Norwegian entrepreneurial company under the name The Online Backup Company AS. Recently the company became part of J2 Global listed on NASDAQ and is growing rapidly.

Secures values

KeepItSafe takes encrypted (256 bit AES) backup to their data centers. The backup is local. It means that data is stored in the home country of the customer, which for certain types of businesses is an absolute requirement. Customers are met by a personnel who between them speak Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian.

– Accordint to the Limited Copmanies Act the general manager is obliged to take responsibility for shareholders values. Today for many businesses it is more about production data than about assets and fixed assets, says General Manager Sigve Torvik.

Operations stop without backup

Brand Manager Sverre Dejgaard states that businesses without good backup solutions are in danger of suffering large losses or even go bankrupt if disaster strikes. ”The whole business may stop. In many cases, data is accumulated over many years and is not possible to re-create manually. It will require to start from scratch, ”he says.

The entire backup business has become more challenging in recent years as a result of tremendous growth in volume of data, storage in many different locations including cloud, use of mobile devices, the internationalization of organizations and the general use of database systems.

One can quickly forget details when backup routines must be set. Many have their CRM or ERP systems in the cloud, whilst all production data must be secured in the same way as in their own environments. It is easily done to risk a disaster, therefore very important to have a partner who knows backup business, says Torvik.

Restore must be tested

– The really big question is whether the backup works when the need arises. A backup counts as a backup only when restore is also tested, adds Dejgaard firmly.

Another really important thing many forget is the security and routines of the backup company itself. KeepItSafe is ISO certified (ISO 27001:2005)

The customers are all types of companies – from very small companies to enterprise level companies. The customer contact is made directly with KeepItSafe or via a network of 500 highly qualified IT partners. In Norway KeepItSafe was approved as the backup supplier for to the Norwegian health net, which means that doctors, dentists, etc… allows KeepItSafe to take responsibility for sensitive personal data.

Online and hybrid

– We backup all types of environments and set up every conceivable disaster recovery plan.

Some customer hand all their backup and disaster recovery solution over to us so that we can initiate recovery and restore failed elements in our environment.

– Online Solutions is the core of our business. We also create hybrid solutions.

This means that we set out hardware in the customer’s environment and combines this with online backup. Restore then happens both from local backup and from our server’s farms. Often we show up at the customer’s doorsteps with the restored data. When talking terra bytes it is rarely effective to run data back over a broadband line, explains Torvik.

– It is only once you have tested restore that the backup solutions are safe, mean Sigve Torvik and Sverre Dejgaard at KeepItSafe Norway.