Gatsoft provides solutions for daily staffing management and planning. Typically, customers are large personnel-intensive organizations such as hospitals, municipalities, logistics companies and media.

Work planning is a core task for all businesses with rotation schemes and many professions represented. Also important frameworks for such organizations, are complex working arrangements and agreements.

Work and resource planning

Managers on all levels use Gatsoft systems in both long-term planning and daily monitoring of work time and resources usage.

”Resource access and work planning is closely related. Therefore, our solutions also facilitate resource management,” says Atle Schei, Marketing Manager of Gatsoft Norway.

”With our solutions, organizations can build a correct and predictable work schedule whichis essential for both emplyers and employees,” says Haakon C. Storm, Marketing Manager of Gatsoft Sweden.

Task-oriented production planning

Presently, Gatsoft is experiencing a growing orientation from traditional rotation planning to task and production oriented planning.

”Many clients are imposed comprehensive new efficiency requirements and tasks. Our solutions satisfy the need for long-term task planning and decision support. With Gatsoft in and early stage, management can predict what impacts the requirements will have for operations, staffing and resources,” Schei says.