The repeal of Norwegian monopoly on elevator inspection, gives room for a new player on the market. Presently in the Nordic countries, Inspecta Group inspects more than 100,000 elevators on an annual basis.

For years in Norway, the Norwegian Lift Inspection Company and City of Oslo have had a governmental granted monopoly.

”Elevator inspection is a matter of safety culture and knowledge. Both are core values to Inspecta. We have in-depth knowledge and documentation for most elevator designs. Lately, Inspecta has established a target structure in Norway and is prepared to explore a market in strong need of competition,” CEO Lasse Øvreås in Inspecta Norway says.

Presently on the market 

For Inspecta Norway, elevator inspection is not a new market area but represents ongoing business across countries.

”This includes elevators on construction sites and service and maintenance lifts also used by personnel. For this kind of equipment, inspection is mandatory every year and the regulations are actually more strict than for regular elevators”, Øvreås says.

Holistic safety regime

Elevator control is not only the inspection and safety verification tasks within in real estate. The company also does quality assurance and inspects practically everything from small measuring devices to powerful pressure vessels and cranes and other lift components.

”We have been waiting for this change of law for a long time, and it is about time that inspections are performed by companies with risk management skills beyond elevator inspection. Elevator inspection should not be seen as an isolated task, but be a part of a holistic safety regime”, he says, and adds that regulatory competence is a core area of business for Inspecta.

1,500 employees

In Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the Inspecta Group employs more than 1500 professionals within inspection, testing, certification, consulting and training.

The company is experiencing strong growth and is recruiting within a number of disciplines.