With more than 2000 installations worldwide, norwegian Jason engineering is a market leader within the field of external marine Firefighting Systems. the systems are manufactured in Europe according to all class requirements.

”Our goal is high level of safety when it really matters,” says Svein Østreng, Jason Engineering sales and marketing manager.

In Drammen outside the Norwegian capital Oslo, Jason Engineering was established in 1974. To become world leader in its market, the company has grown organically and through acquisitions.

Firefighting (FIFI)

”We supply complete fifi solutions. Through research and development, we are forerunners with continuous product improvements and innovations. Presently, we pay extra attention to environment and “the green”,” Østreng says.

The product range includes pumps, monitors, step-up gear and other drives, remote control system, water spray and foam mixing system.

Also, Jason Engineering supplies dispersant systems for dispersant spraying onto oil slick on the sea surface.

Worldwide available

80 to 90 per cent of the production head for the world market. Jason has offices in Shanghai and Milano, and after sales/service hub in Northern Spain. Its agent network serves customers all over the world including Russia, Singapore, India, South America and USA.

”We have thorough knowledge of physical laws and interaction needs on board ships. When it comes to firefighting were margins are small, systems based on this kind of experience is more than crucial,” he says.