For demanding maritime and offshore operations, the collaborators Luminell, Colorlight and Lopolight supplies functional lighting. Luminell supplies floodlights, Colorlight searchlight solutions and Lopolight navigation lights for vessels of all sizes.

”Conditions on board ships and offshore vessels are extremely demanding. Products that can withstand the marine laboratory of vibration, ice, salt water and rough use, are also suited for demanding tasks on shore. One example is military vehicles,” says Lopolight CEO Jan Møller.

Safety, efficiency, profitability

All three partners manufacture products that meet ice class requirements for Arctic waters operations. The solutions are constructed for a high level of safety, efficiency and profitability for both users and installers.

”We exceed expectations,” Møller adds.


Norwegian Luminell, Swedish Colorlight and Danish Lopolight have complementary product portfolios. Also culturally, the companies match nicely.

”We are all involved in improving working conditions and safety by delivering reliable and carefree solutions. In the market, each partner is a challenger to continue developing more benefits for the customers. Our growth ambitions can only be fulfilled by exceeding customer expectations – by listening to customers need, provide innovative solutions, great service and competitive cost over time,” says Mattias Svensson, CEO of Colorlight.


”We develope and deliver solutions according to the needs and specifications of our customers. This is not restricted to products, but also applies to customer service and response time. Whether the order is for a vessel under construction with time for delivery 18 to 24 months from now or an express order for a retrofit project, we supply as desired,” says Ole Jacob Hanken, Head of Sales in Luminell.

All product development is based on customer needs. For example the LED solutions from all the three partners are developed from ground and up. They are not merely constructions where the old light sources are replaced with a new LED source. In this way, the partners maximize the yield of the new lighting technology and the customer gets more value for money.