Ellingsen Instruments is a full service provider of valves and instrumentation for process applications, mainly within the oil and gas sector. The fact that the company soon can celebrate its 60-year anniversary, also clearly states that the market appreciates the Ellingsen Instruments reliable quality solutions.

Many of the fixed North Sea installations– whether they are floating or firmly placed on the seabed – are nothing less than giant processing plants. 
The plants pump oil and gas from the wells, separate water and sand and inject water to keep well pressure up, in addition to a number of other processes.

Mission critical

«High uptime is crucial for all processing plants. This applies in particular to subsea and offshore facilities, since access to spare parts and service personnel is limited», says Tina Eines, CEO of Haakon Ellingsen AS that constitutes the business area Ellingsen Instruments in the Ellingsen Group. 
Ellingsen Instruments supplies a wide range of high quality products consisting of valves, actuators, instrumentation and filter solutions to oil and gas, marine and land-based industries. The deliveries include components from Ellingsen Instrument’s own factories and from subcontractors, all assembled to complete solutions.

From cradle to grave

«We are present all through the value chain, from cradle to grave», Eines explains. A new installation process comprises tasks such as dimensioning for pressure, temperature and capacity according to customer needs. Furthermore, Ellingsen Instruments see to professional project management including documentation and integration on site with other customer facilities. 

Through close to 60 years, Ellingsen Instruments has supplied high quality valve and instrumentation solutions within hydraulics and pneumatics for oil and gas process applications.

Ellingsen Instruments produces, tests and certifies the equipment. The company’s three workshops in Norway provide installation, service and spare parts. «Often, the life span of Ellingsen Instruments solutions is 20 to 25 years. This assumes maintenance at given time intervals. Depending on the size of the installation, we do maintenance work on site assisted by mobile service containers or bring it onshore to a workshop», she says.

Hydraulic oil purifier

Although electrification is a major issue, the shelf is still largely controlled pneumatically and hydraulically. Ellingsen Instruments has developed the patented HydrovacTM Oil Purifier, which extends the lifetime of hydraulic oils. 
«With HydrovacTM, oil shifts can be done at lower frequency, lowering the costs, the environmental impact and operating interruptions associated with this. With clean oil in the hydraulic systems, the occurrence of particles, water and gasses is heavily reduced. Contamination in the hydraulic oil can lead to corrosion and erosion in tubes, instrumentation, gears and other components. Avoiding replacement of such equipment will save the operator huge costs associated with replacement and downtime», says Eines. 
Recently, Ellingsen Instruments and Semco Maritime A/S in Denmark teamed up. Semco Maritime will be principal distribution partner for Hydrovac in Denmark.