From Norway to China, USA and more, NST is expanding its welding supply business. The company provides technical and practical support in addition to a complete lineup of high quality welding consumables and complimenting products. Many years of complying with offshore, subsea and shipyards needs has helped make the company an attractive partner world wide.

Welding is a critical task. Incorrectly performed or done with the wrong welding consumables, the con- sequences can be catastrophic. More frequently, the repair work extends way beyond time frames and budgets with increased downtime.

Expertise included

”Know-how must always accompany weld- ing consumables. Therefore, our business model includes always sending an NST welding engineer for full technical support together with the products to our prospec- tive customers world wide”, says CEO Jan Arne Hansen.

For best results, choosing the right welding consumables and using the correct welding techniques and parameter settings are of equal importance. For this reason NST has a highly qualified staff holding IWE, EWE and CEWE welding engineer qualifica- tions on call.

Tailored to customer needs

”Our staff is enabling us to offer full tech- nical support as well as practical welding demonstrations and training as required on site. Also, NST have experience in providing special training programs tailored to the needs of the individual companies,” Hansen says.

In addition to Europe, NST supports projects in USA, Canada, Singapore, China, Dubai, Australia and Russia. The company has several offices in Norway, and subsidi- aries in Sweden, Poland, UK and Singapore. USA and China are also in the pipeline for further expansion.

Largest stock in Northern Europe

The company’s main warehouse is locat- ed in Drammen, close to the Norwegian capital Oslo. Holding 2,000 tons of welding consumables, the stock is the largest in Northern Europe.

NST also has warehouses in Poland and England.

”We can offer expertise and high quality products, but many big customers also choose us for our quick delivery of large volumes,” says Hansen.

High end

NST holds a strong position within the offshore, shipbuilding, subsea and wind power markets. The welding carried out in these areas must withstand extreme stress. Whether the welding seam is on a 40 meter monopile for wind turbines or for deep water installations, the quality must be unquestionable. Too meet these requirements also in challenging Arctic waters, NST is deeply involved in the product development for seamless flux cored wires from their main supplier, NSSW.

”Throughout 20 years, seamless cored welding wire from NSSW (Nittetsu) has been one of our main products. Excellent welda- bility and continuous high quality combined with unique properties with regards to low hydrogen content and moisture absorption, has played a significant role in the strong position NST holds in the market today”.

In addition, NST also focuses heavily on stainless steel products and can offer a comprehensive program of high alloyed welding consumables.


In step with more stringent quality require- ments, Hansen is experiencing an increased demand. ”Many shipyards and engineering workshops are now expanding into offshore and subsea projects where they encounter new and more challenging tasks. It’s these tasks that NST, with our expertise and perhaps the highest quality products available on the market, has specialized in solving,” says CEO Jan Arne Hansen.