CO2 gas capture in the cement industry is within reach. Air Products Norway has signed contract with Heidelberg Cement for a CO2 capture test facility at the plant Norcem Brevik. In addition, Air Products will promote its unique membrane technology to power plants and potential partners within the maritime and offshore sectors.

Expect to perform well

During one year until the end of 2016, Air Products technology will be tested.

”Based on laboratory testing results, we expect to perform very well,” says Tom Cantero, country manager in Air Products Norway. The Fortune 500 company Air Products Inc. is quoted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Norwegian subsidiary has more than 50 employees, and is located at two facilities close to Kristiansand in Southern Norway.

Within Air Products, the subsidiary is hub for the maritime, petroleum and offshore sectors where Norway holds a strong position.

Main market abroad

Air Products Norway is a leading manufacturer of gas processing systems for offshore, shipboard and land-based use. The company was the first to commercialize hollow fiber membranes for air separation onboard ships and offshore installations.

The main product is technology for nitrogen production from air. Nitrogen displaces oxygen. Therefore, it can be used to prevent explosions and for fire extinguishing. Such facilities are included in the class specifications for marine vessels and offshore installations.

Norwegian exporter of the year

”All is manufactured in Norway and exported to markets abroad. Asia is one of our main markets. We are proud to compete well from high cost Norway,” Cantero says.

In competition with 80 nominees, Air Products Norway won Southern Norway Company of the year in 2014. In 2015, the company reached the final in the national competition ”Exporter of the year”.

Ready to go

In mid June 2015, Norcem received CLIMIT funding for its forerunning CO2 capture project.

Through several years and in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Air Products has further developed its hollow fiber membrane to separate CO2 from exhaust gases.

Each of Norway, Canada, USA and China has taken a strong position within CO2 capture. US Department of Energy in Washington D.C. is very well informed of the Air Products Membrane Technology Performance and the Norcem Brevik innovation project.