”Help! there must be a better way than traditional word processors.” this request from BP laid the foundation for the development of XaitPorter by Xait, named Cool vendor for Content management by Gartner in 2013. Xait’s document collaboration solution, XaitPorter streamlines document- centric business processes from production to publishing and contributes to increased quality, efficiency and security.

XaitPorter’s target market is businesses writing many comprehensive documents who frequently reuse content. Typical document types include bids and proposals, contracts, tenders, licens applications, operating plans, technical documentation, procedures, manuals, and reports including quarterly and annual financial reports.


”Working with so many high profile companies, we understand the need for multiple authors to contribute to these complex documents and the quality of the finished product must meet the highest of standards,” says Kris Saether, Chief Commercial Officer for Xait AS.

Typical word processing, with file server stored documents, is the most common tool for this type of document production. Unfortunately, using server stored documents often leads to cumbersome work processes including meetings, version clarifications, and unnecessary emails of the “latest version.” XaitPorter’s database driven solution gives you a live version of the document, ensuring the document you are working on is always up-to-date.


XaitPorter includes document creation, document co-authoring, document assembly, document review, document automation and document publishing. 

«The six-in-one combination is possible because the solution is database driven. Our solution ensures top of the line integrity, confidentiality, availability and security,» Saether says.

The company was founded in 2000. An inquiry from the oil and gas company, BP, led to the development of the precursor to XaitPorter, which launched in 2003. In 2013, XaitPorter 5 was released and received the Best Web Collaboration Solution award from UP-CON Awards 2014.

The system produces beautifully designed documents. ”Many customers use XaitPorter- generated PDFs for their glossy annual reports,” he says.

Strong growth

Xait’s customers are mainly large enterprises, but their pricing structure makes the system affordable for smaller businesses.

The petroleum industry represents around 80 percent of the customer base. Xait is experiencing strong growth in other industries such as life sciences, construction, IT, telecom and corporate legal and finance.

Database integration

XaitPorter integrates with many business intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ensure their customer’s information is continuously up to date. Integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Oracle Fusion facilitate automation of common prices, information security and better content management across an organization.

XaitPorter can be delivered on premise or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) from the cloud. In order to comply with information governance, XaitPorter allows for the use of security rules to ensure complete control from a top down perspective.

Broad market coverage

Xait currently has 40 employees, with offices in Stavanger, Norway and Austin, Texas and will open a branch in New York during the first half of 2015. Xait also has an extensive partner program with partners in Norway, UK, Malaysia, Australia and USA. Xait continues to expand its presence into a broad array of industries.