All users connected to the Nordic university network will soon be able to buy cloud-based computing power and data storage based on their specific needs. The service is just one example of how IPnett contributes innovation and automation for its customers.

IPnett is a Nordic system integrator specialized in delivering innovative communication, network- and security solutions. The company serves customers with business-critical Networks all over the globe, and is responsible for operating some of the most complex networks in the Nordic region.

Innovation together with the customer

“Having a modern and flexible IT operation is a key success factor if you want to stay competitive. Today, companies need to be responsive to all the fast changes in the market. You need to be able to adapt quickly, and launch new services on the fly,” says Fredric Wallsten, Director for Cloud Services in IPnett.

As an example of how IPnett contributes to innovation, Wallsten highlights the Nordic university environment. Based on technology from various partners, including Juniper Networks, EMC and IBM, IPnett offers processing power, storage, backup and archive in the cloud. Another example is the Norwegian health sector where IPnett rolled-out a virtual networking solution that link hospitals together – the first of its kind in Europe.

Instant access to data power

IPnett is now on the verge to launch the new cloud services for the university sector. Staff, students and researchers can access the services through a unique and flexible service portal. Instead of buying hardware, the users can rent capacity for the time needed – for instance 30 servers for a few hours or weeks.

The solution is encrypted and secure, and it is easy to share and store information across faculties and universities.

“A central component in the solution is Juniper Networks Contrail – a technology that is in the forefront and adds great network virtualization functionality for the users,” Wallsten says.

A nordic cloud solution

It was NORDUnet who chose IPnett as partner. NORDUnet is responsible for operating the international network and e-infrastructure for the entire Nordic Research and Educational community, and consists of the member countries Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Sweden is the first country to launch the service.