“Our offerings have one thing in common: to secure our customers long-term business continuity. Coromatic is safeguarding everything from datacenters, power solutions and network” says Morten Christiansen, Managing Director in Coromatic.

About coromatic

Coromatic is the Nordic market leader for providing critical facility solutions to ensure business continuity. Coromatic has 418 employees in four countries, a turnover of approximately 1.2 billion Sek in 2014.

Securing it continuity

Critical facilities, power, emergency power and services are the four offering pillars of Coromatic.The aim of critical facilities solutions is to secure IT continuity and physical IT security. “We have built close to 1,000 different datacenters as well as serving around 3000 critical facilities in the Nordic region,” according to Christiansen.

Being responsive and able to understand each individual organizations needs is vital to establishing the correct level of security. Its not just about IT requirements, you have to understand business needs as well.

Avoiding power outage

If a power outage occurs in the office building, what will happen to your business operations? Imagine the consequences if the cash register in the shop stops working or access to the computer network is down. Coromatic can ensure that the physical infrastructure in your building is robust, and therefore lower the risk of incidents. To ensure reliable critical power is one of the most important actions you can take.

With Coromatic as your partner we secure business as usual.