Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine (Intergraph PP&M) offers integrated design, construction and operation solutions for the offshore industry. Intergraph’s Smartmarine® Enterprise software provides the largest set of market-leading solutions in the industry, from the schematic design of an asset through to physical modelling, materials management, construction management, fabrication automation and information management.

Seamless data integration

Intergraph SmartMarine Enterprise solutions are delivered with out-of-the-box integrated architectures that seamlessly integrate the flow of information between them. Data and design parameters are entered only once into the authoring disciplines and reused downstream. The out-of-the-box integration is a change management environment that facilitates publishing, retrieving, reviewing and comparing data and documents electronically between disciplines.

Real-time global worksharing

All enterprise applications, including SmartTm 3D, deliver global worksharing capabilities, allowing companies to electronically share work internally or externally in real time. In addition to the schedule benefit of leveraging other offices, Intergraph’s worksharing capabilities improve quality by electronically enforcing all project or company standards around the globe and maintaining interface points within an application and between different discipline applications.

Offshore efficient design

Intergraph Smart 3D is the most advanced and productive 3D design solution that effectively enables optimized design, increasing quality, interoperability and productivity, while shortening project schedules. In addition, Model Data Reuse (MDR) capabilities enable efficient reuse of design that is not possible in any other 3D CAD application. Users can reuse FEED or old designs with different catalogs and specifications by leveraging Smart 3D’s unique rule reuse, tag renaming and specification interchange. Enhanced 3D interoperability capabilities enable the use of 3D data from multiple foreign CAD systems in conjunction with native Smart 3D models. Smart 3D is the only system in the world that allows interoperability with both graphics and data of foreign CAD models, making it an ideal solution for revamp and joint venture projects.

“Agility Group has used Smart 3D, SmartPlant P&ID and SmartPlant materials in a number of relevant projects in the offshore oil and gas market, experiencing improved productivity and lowered operating costs, thanks to improved project management,” said Terje Ørbeck, SmartPlant Team Group lead at Agility Group in Norway. “Intergraph Smart 3D is currently used in topside modifications on the Gullfaks Rimfaksdalen platform in cooperation with Statoil, Samsung Heavy Industries, BP and Chevron. Intergraph solutions are also facilitating the building of a deep water drilling vessel with STX Offshore and Shipbuilding in Korea.”

Integrated life-cycle manafement

SmartMarine Enterprise’s solutions include rule-driven design, relationally linked data between design disciplines, and complete visible management throughout the life of the offshore facility.

“The integrated engineering environment that SmartMarine Enterprise offers enables us to work more intelligently. Intergraph’s solutions merge nicely with our growth plans and strategies for the future and will help us getting ahead start in the market,” said Nigel John Michaels, CAD Systems Manager at Ramboll Oil & Gas, based in Denmark. “The next phase of our implementation plan focuses on deploying the tools worldwide and fine-tuning them in our global workflows.”

Higher quality and safety

Reduce your capital expenditure (CAPEX) and improve your return on capital employed (ROCE) with Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO). The solution is designed to help owner operators address the issue of interoperability by providing pre-packaged solutions that can be rapidly deployed, incorporating customer-specific requirements at low risk. SPO is built on the Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise suite.