Success has a price. The increasing cost consciousness in the industry requires operational excellence throughout the value chain from awards to operations.

PwC Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence in Stavanger leads and coordinates projects and global initiatives to develop methodologies and expertise within E&P areas and oilfield services.

• Pressures to do more with less. Service companies are looking at various alternatives to generate efficiencies to respond on the pressures from operators service. These include looking externally and growing through mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, or internally generated through targeted improvements in areas such as planning and forecasting, asset management, maintenance, and operational efficiency. We have experienced teams that are ready to guide your organisation through both the complexities of integrating different organisations as well as identifying and acting upon efficiency opportunities.

• E&P Business process excellence. Leveraging our internationally proven library of core and supporting processes – we provide an adaptable approach to greenfield or brownfield process development and improvement. While focusing on anchoring across all functions and usability we enable change and secure governing documentation and updates to Business Management Systems.

• Changes in how the supply chain supports the value chain. Operators and service companies alike are increasingly looking to their supply chains to ensure that they are generating maximum value and helping contain costs; lowering prices through “hard-ball negotiations” only goes so far. Effectively managing suppliers is a far more effective way of generating recurring value, this is an area that the Oil & Gas industry has traditionally lagged compared to other industries. Through our global cross industry expertise, and supported by our Oil & Gas supply chain benchmarks we can provide the know-how and tools in order to implement better supply chain and supplier management practices within your organisation.

• Develop capabilities and a culture – of continuous improvement. We provide an industry tailored methodology for Talent and Strategic Competence Management. Whether the focus is scaling up, include business areas, lean management – or to secure quality and compliance, our team will help your organisation plan and execute change as a partner to the HR function.

• Technology enablement. Good processes, execution and capabilities depend on the availability of information. We provide services related to technology identification, selection and implementation – to ensure that the organisation is capable of utilizing enabling Technology.