Standard Online serves as the sales company for Standards Norway and The Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK), providing standards, courses and other related products to our customers.

Services and products

– We take pride in being an important partner for companies in the petro- leum sector in Norway, says Sales Manager Bente C. Rusten. – We also recognize the importance of providing a full range of products, which recently resulted in a partnership with Thomson Reuters. This allows us to provide a wide array of international standards, adds Managing Director Harald Hesselroth.

Web subscriptions are among Standard Online’s most popular services, allowing customers to have digital copies of standards available 24/7 online. This service also guarantees that you always have the latest editions at hand.


For companies in the petroleum indus- try, the Norwegian NORSOK standards are a really important part of everyday business. This is reflected on our web- site, where NORSOK is one of the most frequent search queries every month.

The preparation and publication of NORSOK standards is supported by the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and the Federation of Norwegian Industries. NORSOK standards are managed and issued by Standards Norway, and made available through