GLAVA® has worked on ship insulation since the 1980s, but it is only during the last decade that the marine/offshore sector has become a focus area.

Long term work

’Marine/offshore differs markedly from the construction industry, in which GLAVA® has operated since the company was founded in the mid 1930s. In the marine/ offshore sector, projects require significantly more preparation and long term work before you achieve a sale. Solid knowledge of the industry, products, and regulations are all crucial since all contracts feature highly detailed specifications, certificates, and solid references.

At GLAVA® we have developed a department with highly competent professionals in the marine/offshore field. We do not only sell insulation products, but also provide advice and knowledge sharing. We have a thorough knowledge of the NORSOK standards, and our prospects for success in the marine/offshore industry are good,’ says Lars Fillip Kolbu.

Solid company

He believes that potential marine/ offshore customers see it as a strength that GLAVA® is a company with a strong financial backbone, solid expertise, and wide experience in the field of insulation.

– ’We can do insulation, but we also have IT systems, finances, and a refined logistics system to manage our deliveries. That’s valuable to our customers,’ he says.