– Here at Sebastian, we’ve developed the best tools and gathered the best knowledge with the aim of preventing interruptions to operations, downtime, incidents and accidents.

Those are the words of Sebastian’s CEO Johannes Kr. Bjøringsøy. The company specialises in technical and operational expertise relating to systems on advanced offshore vessels and mobile offshore installations. Sebastian provides verification and assurance services to its customers and ensures that procedures are actually adhered to. It can do so through its unique crossover expertise consisting of engineering know-how and experience of captaining ships which makes this Norwegian consultancy firm a world-leader in its field.

– I believe we offer the best tools and have the best knowledge that, combined, can give our customers the confidence they need as regards operational stability, safety and control, says Bjøringsøy, whose customers include oil companies, contractors and shipping companies worldwide.

– This is a global business and we go wherever there’s a need for our services. Sebastian identifies potential dangers that may lead to downtime, financial losses and, in the worst case, environmental damage, accidents and danger to life or health. In that way, undesirable situations can be avoided and better control can be achieved. 

The verification services are based on:

• Rules & guidelines

• Industrial standards

• Best practice

– We review the documentation and check the operational procedures in detail. That way, you gain command over and feel confident about the operations. Then we help you with adherence, so that you know you have everything under control, says Bjøringsøy, who also says he often finds people misunderstand the redundancy concept. The fact that the equipment has been duplicated is not always enough.

– I’ve often been on board an aircraft, looked at the two wings and wondered: What happens if we lose one of them?